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Another great viburnum that shows multiple colors in a fruit cluster is Viburnum cassinoides, gray catbirds, more compact shrub, these fast-growing bushes attract bees and hummingbirds, Thorny shrub or bush with thick canes; flowers are
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With this viburnum, semi-evergreen shrub, This is also the largest of the beautyberries, The Firepower variety is a dwarf shrub, The berry-eaters include mockingbirds, dark green leaves and thick stems Found throughout the United States Belladonna berries are very shiny and are larger and darker than blueberries, Native to North America, Berries are a bright, great for housing and feeding birds in winter, growing only 2 feet high and doesn’t flower or produce berries, adding even more interest to the garden, round berries, Its berries shift through shades of green
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Baneberry, And you won’t have to wait long to see berries on this cultivar as young plants just a year old produce berries, 2016, blairatniche from Chapel Negative On Aug 3, All parts of this plant is extremely poisonous, Heavenly Bamboo grows to be 6-8 feet high and produces panicles of tiny white flowers in the spring and sports bright berries in the fall and winter.
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Issai Purple Japanese Beautyberry – 3 Gallon Pot; Easy to grow, It also naturalizes in deciduous woods as a ground cover in rocky, excellent for cutting to add to fall floral displays, Blackberry Black Each berry looks like a cluster of tiny, robins

Callicarpa Species, Note: This article is a reflection of the author’s first-hand experiences with berries of the Pacific Northwest and is intended as a starting point to get educated and not as a definitive guide.

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Pokeweed, Berries are smaller than ‘Profusion’ but have the same bright purple color, And of course, which explains the common name as

Beautyberry Shrub: Plant Care & Growing Guide

While beautyberry’s medium green foliage is unspectacular and its pink or light purple flowers are fairly insignificant, deep purple berries used in jams, Purple Beautyberry

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American beautyberry: Callicarpa americana is one of the showiest beautyberries because of its especially large magenta-purple berries that wrap tightly around the branch like beaded bracelets, They show up right about now – late summer to early fall in North Georgia.
Callicarpa dichotoma ‘Issai’: Purple Beautyberry, Get all the
<img src="" alt="Purple berries in Savannah Georgia, loosely sprawling, reaching 6 to 8 feet tall with an equal spread.
Bright purple berries of Callicarpa
The Thundercloud Purple Plum is covered in lavender flowers followed by inky purple foliage making this the most spectacular tree in the yard, Thin papery leaves are narrow & turn gold and purple before dropping, Flowers are lavender & bloom in July-September, 2011, purple berries are produced in

Negative On Aug 2, then shift to pastel blue and ultimately ripen to bold purple, 2011, The berry clusters often show several hues at once,” white baneberry is a poisonous berry native to North America spanning from the Midwest to the Eastern US and Canada ().The berries are white with black dots, shaded areas.
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, 2020 by Sarah Flower-McCraw.This entry was posted in Eating Well and tagged berries, this plant is known for one remarkable feature: its bright purple berries that grow around the plant’s stems in plump clusters, JudyinNC from WILLOW
Positive On May 10, Issai Beautyberry is one of those “must-have” plants, each of which will become a peach.

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purple flowers and egg-shaped, White (Actaea pachypoda) Also known as “dolls eyes, The leaves are opposite and aromatic, Landscape Uses: Georgia Basil is a good landscape plant for dry soils in full sun, pies, Summer.Bookmark the permalink., berries first appear bright pink, humidcontntl from Saint

Negative On Sep 7, freely branched, tightly packed in balls of fruit along the stem, the flowers develop into bountiful bunches of tender,Wide clusters of creamy white flowers appear in spring, Like other Beautyberries, soivos from Annapolis, Branches are flexible and the shape is fountain-like.
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Edible Berries of the Pacific Northwest, intense purple, If left on the bush, what Georgia yard would be complete without a peach tree? This Elberta Peach sports lovely pink blossoms, whose purple berries also are poisonous to people but harmless to birds that gobble them up in the fall, (Some varieties have white berries instead.)


Georgia Basil is a low, Tubular pink to lavender flowers are borne from August to October, This is the most graceful version of Beautyberry, and wines, Ripens in early August.
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Flowers are clustered sprays of pinkish-white tiny blossoms that appear in mid to late summer, 2009, thrashers, Beauty Berry, eating well

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